Speech Writing Format to Use for College Competition

College Competition

Speech is the way to share your point of view and assess it on your merit scale. You can also raise the voice of others through your speech. Speech can help you in seeking the attention of people, and even higher authorities. At the college level, speech competitions are very common. According to the dissertation writing service company, many students take part in speech competitions. It enhances their writing, and communication skills. So if you are writing a speech for the first time, there is no need to worry about it. You can feel scared for the first time. This is only natural. But when you get to know about formatting tricks, it becomes easy to handle things. You can score well in the competition when you use the right techniques (Hochman and Wexler, 2017).

In a speech competition, you may be provided with a topic on the spot. At that time, you have to keep your focus on the content that you will write. Before going to the competition, you have to work on speech formatting skills. Let’s discuss these formatting techniques in detail;

1. Introduction

First of all, you have to introduce yourself while writing a speech. It should be the start of your speech. It is also an opportunity for you to let the examiner know about yourself. Here you have to take care of formal, or informal introduction. This will depend upon the situation. If you are addressing the examiner or teacher, you must be formal in your introduction. You have to write your full name. Then you have to address your teacher in a very polite way.

Similarly, if you have to address your class fellow, you can use informal language. You can also be frank with this kind of an audience. Here you are addressing your equals so you can be less formal. During the introduction, you have to see what kind of audience you have to address.

2. Opening Statement

After the introduction, your main target is to attract your audience. You have to force your audience through your writing. This is so that they start paying attention. It is now time to add an opening statement in the speech. You can use some language techniques here to attract their attention. First of all, you can add some rhetorical questions. These are questions that you can ask the audience. And you know that they would not answer. But the purpose of asking such questions is to engage them. In this way, you force your audience to think about the question at least.

Although you answer the question yourself, it engages the audience. You can also add some surprising statements within your speech. Through this, the audience gets curious and pays more attention. It can be in the form of surprising facts, or personal opinions related to your topic. Lastly, you can use some interesting, and famous quotations for attracting the audience. For this, you have to ensure a grip on the quotations. At this stage, use a quotation that is relevant to your topic. You can use any one of these tricks, because they will surely attract your audience.

3. Structure

You have to make a speech that must be clear to your audience. To avoid any complexity, you can work on your speech structure. There should be three main parts for your speech. The first one should be that of an introduction. Secondly, there should be a main body of your speech. And lastly, you have to conclude the speech. In the introduction, you have to seek attention of the audience, and mention your objectives. In the main body, you have to present different arguments related to your topic. Here you can also divide your main body into subparts. It can be in the form of paragraphs as well. When you have more than one argument, you can go for multiple paragraphs. But don’t forget to relate each paragraph with the other. Lastly, your conclusion must be a good one. Because a conclusion is the last chance to create influence. So you must be careful about it.

The use of effective English and vocabulary is very important in the whole structure. It helps you in securing good grades within the competition. For this, you have to make sure that you have not added any long sentences. Go for the short ones. Take great care about the use of punctuation. Before the competition, you must practise these tricks. If you don’t practise, you will surely forget about it while writing in the competition. Through practice you feel confident. Your chances of having good grades increase as well because of this aspect.

4. Personal Opinions

The cheap dissertation writing services company said the addition of personal opinion plays an important role within your speech. If you don’t add your point of view, it leaves a bad impression. It looks like you just cramped the material and wrote the same thing. Without your point of view, your speech will remain unattractive.

Speech is not only about adding information related to your topic. But here, you have a major part linked with your opinion about the topic and issue. So don’t forget to add your concerns while drafting the speech. It does not matter whether the examiner agrees with your opinion or not. The main highlight is what you want to express. While expressing your opinion, you have to use the first person narrative. This is the way to let people know that you are sharing your views. You have to make sure to directly address your audience. Indirect approach is not a good practice when it comes to speech writing.

Another important point is the use of third person narrative within your speech. Through this, your audience thinks about the possible implementation of your concerns. It highlights the practical implementations as well (Digh, 2021).

5. Emotive, and Figurative Language

By the use of emotive and figurative language, you can add different flavours to your speech. But you have to be careful. One should not overuse these tricks. Emotive language causes effectiveness. At the same time, figurative language helps in creating an image in the audience’s mind.

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